The COVID-19 crisis has changed the ways of life for so many people. Socializing has been reduced as people can only venture outside their homes for work or essential needs. Most physical dates have been cancelled or postponed and social distancing has become the norm.

But thankfully, technology has helped people stay connected. Some are trying online dating during the COVID-19 crisis, as there are many platforms available. Since people won’t be able to meet physically for some time, they are using this period to get to know others well by virtual interactions.

So, how do you date virtually? What exactly do you since you cannot meet physically. Here are tips for virtual dating during COVID-19.

Meet Virtually – Meet potential romantic interests through dating sites. Once you swipe, you can chat with that person. Normally, in order to take it further, you meet. Instead of a meeting, you can talk on the phone or video chat. This is just like your first date where you see each other and talk for the first time. The only difference being you aren’t at the same place.

Dress Up – Let’s face it, since most of us have been staying home, our self-grooming has dramatically decreased. We have been wearing sweats & yoga pants (yeah, those ones with the holes in them) for weeks now. Since you cannot go on an actual date, go on a virtual date. Do the things you would do as if you were actually going out to to dinner. Ladies, wear a cute outfit, put on some makeup and pumps. Guys, shape up that beard and comb your hair. Do all of that. Cook dinner for yourself and make it fancy. Arrange the table with flowers and candles. Once things are ready, get on that video call and enjoy a meal, with each other. Even though you are dating online during COVID-19, you can make it exciting and come out of the daily routine, stuck (safely) indoors.

Compliment Each Other – We love compliments. Whether it is from friends, family or spouses, we love hearing them as it boosts our morale and mood. So, it is important to verbalize the good things in order to feel closer. A good compliment will make the other person think about you, even after you’re done talking.

Send Small Gifts – Even though you cannot go out, you can still order gifts for each other. Use online retailers to send him or her a bottle of wine, a delicious meal or a bouquet of flowers. The gift doesn’t have to be too expensive, but this gesture shows you are serious. In real life you would probably be wooing your romantic interest with other acts, but now is the time to order online for that special someone.

Watch Netflix Together – You can start a Netflix Party that allows multiple users to watch movies or shows together, virtually of course. It is always good to watch a movie together with your romantic interest. Although you cannot cuddle while you do it, this is a good alternative, especially when you can’t touch or go near other people.

Discuss Your When the World Reopens Dream Date – Haven’t we all dreamed about what we will do when the world reopens? Visit family & friends, dine at a favorite restaurant, or go hear a favorite band.

Do the same thing with your romantic interest. Talk about the time when you will physically meet. Talk about things you would like to do and see. The places you would want to eat and and who you would like to see in concert.



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