About Us

The Survivor Match Story

The founder of Survivor Match understands that you are a loving, awesome, and kind individual who’s full of life. Our story began when a close family friend overcame her second bout with cancer. Having beaten the odds twice only to get a divorce didn’t sit well with Survivor Match’s Founder. That’s when the idea manifested. Every survivor deserves a chance to be happy. It was then while pondering the circumstances of a close family friend that Survivor Match was born.

Survivors Unite

Need someone to talk to? Looking for a companion to help you through a tough time? Chances are, there is someone, somewhere in the world who is a survivor just like you. Register with Survivor Match to discover like-minded individuals searching for companionship.

You Deserve The Best

You’ve been through a lot. It’s time you get a win. Let’s help you find someone to share stories with, to laugh with, and most importantly, to enjoy life with. Everyone deserves their shot at happiness. If we can make an impact on just one couple, then our job is done.

Overcoming Obstacles Is Just The Beginning

Your life has meaning. You’re here for a purpose. Surviving was just the beginning. If you’re on this website, it’s because you’re looking for something new. Find other incredible humans with stories as beautiful as yours, right here on Survivor Match.

Who We Serve

We serve survivors of cancer or other serious dieseases, recovering users, and those healing from loss.

Find Someone As Special As You

We’ve taken a hands-off approach. When it comes to love, it’s best to let your magnetic personality do the talking. Register right now and let your character shine through your profile. 



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